POC Board of Directors

Susan Ajoc, City of St. Petersburg
Jeanette Crabbe, City of Clearwater
William A. Holmes, City of Pinellas Park
Shrimatee Ojah-Maharaj, City of St. Petersburg
Kyle G. Martin, Pinellas Board of County Commissioners
Steve Cleveland, Pinellas Board of County Commissioners
April Torregiante, Career Source Pinellas
Lisa L. Brody, Bay Area Legal Services, Inc
Dr. Keron Jean-Baptiste, (President) St. Petersburg College
Monica Lukasik, Pinellas Federal Credit Union
Heidi Hunter, Synovus
Jennifer Daley, (Treasurer) Federation of Labor
Pearl Rentz, Secretary 13th Street Neighborhood Association
Cassidy Fitzpatrick, (Vice-President) Mattie Williams FNC
Jabaar Edmond, Childs Park Neighborhood Association
Jacqueline Mills, (Secretary) Methodist Town Neighborhood Assoc.
Carmen Lundy, City of Safety Harbor

POC Staff


Pattye L. Sawyer, MA Executive Director
Alonda Vaughan, MBA Director of Administration
Marcy Skiff, Administrative Specialist
Denia R. Weaver, Fiscal/IT Specialist

Chore Services:

Kathleen M. Russell, Chore Services Program Director
Steven J. Bell, Maintenance Supervisor
Faye Matthews, Services Supervisor
Loretta Strange, Chore Services Worker
Ebony Purvis, Chore Services Worker

Community Services Program:

TBA, CSBG Program Director
Amber Bridges, MBA CSBG Program Coordinator
Carole Bolden, CSBG Program Coordinator
Larissa Jones, Education and Training Coordinator
Gwen Idlette, Case Manager
Joyce Robinson, Case Manager
Patricia G. VanFleet, Case Manager
Kensley Echols, Case Manager



Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program (EHEAP):

Julie Lizak, Services Coordinator

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP):

Sarah Rosenbaum, RSVP Program Director
Juliane Rosa, Special Projects Coordinator


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