Getting Ahead Program


Making the World a Better Place For All of Us

“Getting Ahead in a Just-Getting By World” is a 15 session evidence-based course developed by Phil DeVol. It is designed to help people in poverty think about and develop their future and create their own plan towards a stable and secure life. Upon graduating from the Getting Ahead Program, participants may be eligible to move to the next phase of the initiative, which is Staying Ahead. Staying Ahead is a mentoring program which coaches participants to achieve upward mobility, ultimately resulting in exiting poverty. Mentors will assist participants with a strategy for building resources to achieve their goals. Mentors along with POC Family Development/Self Sufficiency Program staff will be available to provide motivation and case management services.


Workshop topics include:

  • Exploring Why Poverty Exists
  • Exploring Current Life Path
  • Defining the Theory of Change
  • Discovering the Hidden Rules of Economic Class and Language
  • Discovering How to Build Resources to Help Move Out of Poverty
  • Creating A Goal Plan

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Resident of Pinellas County
  • Must be at least 21 years of age or older
  • Meet poverty income guidelines

Participants will receive the following:

  • A workbook and future story portfolio to keep track of learning and goals
  • Child care provided (ages 3 – 15)
  • Meals provided
  • A $10 stipend for each session attended
  • 6 month Staying Ahead Program
  • Graduation Culmination Ceremony

If you are interested in being a participant in this program or being a mentor and would like more information, please contact Joyce Robinson at 727-823-4101 ext 125 or